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Certain Gifts in Uncertain Times

Estate gifts are a unique opportunity during this time of uncertainty.

Many people are unsure about:

  • Their health

  • Their investments

  • Their jobs/employment

  • Their future

This leads people to also be unsure about their charitable giving. A wise person will be concerned about their current and future financial security before a charitable gift is considered.

That is all very true for current gifts, but deferred gifts are unique and can be a great solution in today’s uncertain environment.

Deferred gifts have a number of special qualities, especially in times like this:

  • They don’t affect cash flow

  • Donors have total control of those assets during their entire lifetime

  • Any earnings on your investments are yours

  • You retain the flexibility to do whatever you wish with the money

  • Only when you don’t need the money anymore, will it go to charity

  • An estate gift for the KML Foundation will provide support that is consistent and lasting regardless of health and economic concerns

Throughout the past few months, our donors have been exceptionally generous toward their churches, KML and other ministries. We are truly thankful for the wonderful support we have received, even in these uncertain times. I encourage you, however, to also consider the benefits of an estate gift as an option to donate to your favorite charities and yet retain control of your assets.

There are many options to consider when thinking about an estate gift. Sometimes those options make things a little confusing. My job is to help you find a solution that is right for you, because it is your life – your plan – your legacy!

Contact me to discuss various ways you can keep control of your money during these uncertain times and then support ministry in very special ways down the road.

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