Gifts from the heart.

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

The KML Foundation was blessed recently with special gifts from two of our Heritage Society members. Janet Christenson named the Foundation through beneficiary listings on her accounts. This gift will provide wonderful tuition assistance to KML families for many years.

The second gift is coming from the Walter Rathke family. Their estate gift was a bequest that was directed to the KML Foundation and will be used to create the Walter and Maryalice Rathke Memorial Fund. This gift is also very generous, and, as a family memorial fund will allow family members and friends to add to the fund in future years.

The gifts from Janet Christenson and the Walter Rathke family will directly add about $5,500 in annual tuition assistance through the Foundation. The generosity of these people makes a huge impact for KML and future students who want a Christian high school education, but need help with the cost of tuition.

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