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Is It Time for an Upgrade?

With the start of a new year, many people take stock of their lives and look for ways to add value through positive changes. In addition to diet, exercise, and other healthy habits, I encourage you to consider a review and update to your estate plan.

Now is a good time to pull out your will, beneficiary designations, living trust and other documents to ensure they are still consistent with your wishes. I’ve seen situations in which a marriage, divorce, birth of children, death of a loved one, or other “life” change was not accounted for and updated.

If you have not yet created an estate plan, at minimum, you still should review your beneficiary listings on life insurance policies, retirement plans and any other accounts. It is easy to forget or overlook those important issues, so take the time soon to make sure you are current with those designations.

If this is the time to create an estate plan or update an existing plan, contact me

(262-677-4051 or for free help in making your plan a truly valuable resource.

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