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Thank You KML Family

Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School and the KML Foundation have been blessed by the many people who give their support so generously. Many people don’t realize tuition covers much of the costs of our school, but not all of the costs. Our 27 Federation churches give faithfully to this ministry and many individuals contribute regularly to ensure our entire program is adequately funded. Your Mission Advancement team is very thankful for these donors and recognizes the great value that is provided through their prayers and financial support.

The policy at KML is to apply tuition dollars to programs and people that directly impact our students. Tuition dollars are not used for capital campaigns, debt, co-curricular activities and non-budgeted items. Those areas are funded through the efforts and generosity of our many donors.

During this past fiscal year of 2021-22, we had 966 donors, and 152 of those people gave their first gift. Along with some amazing estate gifts, KML received more than $4.3 million from churches, groups and individuals during those twelve months!

Those who wish to discuss a current gift for KML can contact Wendy Breimon ( She is KML’s Director of Mission Advancement and can work with you to ensure an easy and efficient process. If you would like to consider a deferred or estate gift for KML or the KML Foundation, you can contact Paul at ( or 262-677-4051.

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