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Estate Planning Is Exciting! – Isn’t It?

Other than an estate planning counselor (like me) or an estate attorney, who would ever agree that estate planning is exciting? Well, my hope is that many of you will be convinced after reading this short blog.

Maybe the better question is “Which do you like more - giving or receiving?” There is nothing wrong in receiving God’s blessings in our lives, and many people work hard to achieve success and accumulation. There is also great joy and satisfaction in sharing those blessings with others. In fact, giving at times like birthdays, graduations and other special events can truly be special and, dare I say, exciting!

Planning your estate is kind of the ultimate way to give some really special gifts to those you care about. Gifts through inheritance are some of the largest gifts you will ever make, and that is exciting. On the other hand, letting the government make those decisions for you, and probably taking a portion for themselves, is not likely stirring your emotions.

Estate planning does require some work, but now is a great time to get it done. Most people I talk with are taking advantage of this time and accomplishing tasks that are overdue. Let me help you find the excitement in creating your estate plan. Even with our “safer at home” situation, I can help you through the process. Contact me at or 262-677-4051.

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