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God is good

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

In addition to the two estate gifts that we recently received, there are more people, like you, designating deferred gifts for KML or the KML Foundation. We currently have 109 members in our Heritage Society! Thank you!!

One special privilege that I have is hearing from people like you – donors who love KML and are excited to support this school. Here are just two stories that were told to me recently by fellow Heritage Society members.

"I’ve named the KML Foundation as a beneficiary of my IRA. I don’t know if I’ll need that money during my lifetime, but I hope there will be something left when I go to heaven. I see a lot of problems in society, but I also see a lot of positives in the KML students. My hope is to provide some tuition assistance so more teenagers can go to KML and get that great Christ-centered education."

"I like the idea of a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA). In my retirement years, I could use a little more income, but I also want to make sure there is a gift for KML when I’m gone. I like this option so much that I might get another CGA next year."

God’s love is so abundant, it is clear that KML is BLESSED!

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