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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

How does the Mission Advancement Team work with current gifts compared to deferred gifts?

The KML Mission Advancement Team work with donors who have various interests regarding their support for KML. Some people like to give cash for a current need, some like to make a larger impact through a pledge of gifts over time, and some people like to designate a deferred gift through their estate plan.

With all those options, how does the Mission Advancement team work with the multiple situations?

Mrs. Wendy Breimon is our Director of Mission Advancement and works primarily with our current donors. In working with those people, Wendy listens carefully to learn the way our donors want to give their gifts and ensures their gifts are used in accordance with their wishes. For example, a donor might like to support our capital/debt fund, the student assistance fund, or even the KML Foundation’s endowment fund. For those who don’t have a specific area in mind, Wendy can share some of the greatest current needs and encourage gifts in those areas.

Wendy also works with donors who like to pledge a larger gift and make multiple donations over time. This is often done for our large campaigns.

Paul Snamiska, on the other hand, focuses on deferred gifts that are typically provided through a will, trust, or beneficiary listing. These are meaningful gifts that won’t be received right away, but still, have a tremendous impact on the future sustainability of KML.

Paul also works closely with the KML Foundation and has set goals to reach higher levels of investments in the Foundation’s endowment fund and ultimately provide larger distributions for KML student assistance.

A relatively new option for KML donors is the concept of a blended gift in which a donor makes a current gift and also commits a deferred gift. This is one way for a donor to truly make a significant and lasting impact on a specific area of KML’s ministry.

Although current gifts and deferred gifts are quite different, Wendy and Paul work very closely and cooperatively in their roles. Each of them has their primary area, but both work for the overall benefit of KML and listen to our donors to help them make a gift that matches their interests in the best possible way.

Contact either Wendy ( or Paul ( or either of them at 262-677-4051 to ask questions and discuss the best options to make your own personalized gift.

We also encourage you to consider a gift on GivingTuesday, which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. People know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday which are days to purchase items for themselves. GivingTuesday is an opportunity to give a charitable gift for the benefit of others. Watch for more information from KML’s social media and print publications.

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