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HELP! Can Someone Help Me Get Started?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

By Paul Snamiska – KML Estate Plan Counselor

Statistics indicated that roughly two-thirds of Americans do not have a

current estate plan, but the majority of adults know they should.

So, what is preventing most of those people from getting it done?

Here are some of the common answers that I hear:

I don’t have much so why bother writing a will?

A will is not, primarily, about distributing your wealth. An estate plan (including your will) is about communication. Regardless of the size of your estate, you should take the necessary steps to create a plan that will communicate effectively.

It costs too much!

Yes, like anything of value there are some costs. The costs without a will, however, are much higher and the process of settling your estate becomes more complicated.

I don’t like lawyers!

The attorneys I work with are not the kind of lawyers that people despise. Estate-planning attorneys will sit with you, listen to your ideas and wishes, and help you formulate a plan that is customized for you. I’ve found that most people start the process with some hesitancy but end it with a great confidence in their attorney and the experience.

I don’t know how to get started.

This is the part where I can help. After one or two meetings, I will get you well on your way to creating your own customized estate plan. My services are provided at no cost and you will benefit by saving time and money in the end.

Contact Paul Snamiska for any questions.

( or 262-677-4051 x 1116).

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