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How the KML Foundation Helps Aid Future College Students

The KML Foundation provides funding for two main purposes: (1) student assistance and (2) college scholarships. This month’s blog discusses the value of the Foundation’s support for college scholarships.

The KML Foundation is the largest single source of student assistance and of KML-provided college scholarships. Many KML seniors receive financial aid from various sources such as their college of choice, local businesses, federal funding, and other sources. In addition, we have been blessed by special donors who created endowed funds that also provide scholarship money.

Over the years, funding for college scholarships has grown dramatically. The Foundation currently has seven endowed funds that give annual distributions for KML seniors. Here is a short summary of those funds:

4-year college scholarships - $72,000

Martin Luther College scholarships - $5,900

2-year college scholarships - $4,800

Total awarded for 2023 - $82,700

There are additional scholarships offered through KML to our seniors, but the funds from the Foundation are, by far, the largest source of these awards.

With continued donations and investment growth, the impact will continue to grow in future years. As the cost for college increases, it is wonderful that we can provide some financial support to help our students meet those costs.

If you would like to learn about ways you can create a fund for college scholarships, contact Paul Snamiska ( or 262-677-4051 x. 4023),

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