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Let's Grow Together Update

Over KML’s 50-year history, there has been a pattern of growth. Growth in enrollment, faculty, programs, facilities and more. It has been clear that every step of KML’s development has been blessed by God and has allowed us to share the Gospel with more students.

We are in the middle of our current Let’s Grow Together campaign. The goal of this campaign is to raise funds for a building addition that will include a gym, fitness center, trainer’s room, atrium, classrooms and more. God has, again, richly blessed this effort and more than $5.5 million has already been committed to the project.

At the General Board meeting in August, the Federation delegates voted unanimously to move forward with the project. With that approval, the administration is currently working with our architects, engineers and builder to finalize plans, get cost estimates and prepare for groundbreaking in spring of 2024. The goal is to have occupancy by the fall of 2025.

This is one more bold defining moment in the history of KML. This expansion will meet the current needs of our students and activity programs. It will also provide the needed facilities to meet the future growth of our high school, as well as our Junior Charger, athletic programs.

The second half of the campaign will focus on raising additional money for the building addition. Every additional dollar that is donated with reduce the amount of money that will need to be borrowed for the project.

Speaking now from the perspective of the KML Foundation, there is increasing need for the Foundation’s support as the school’s enrollment grows. More students equate to more need for student assistance, and the Foundation is the largest single source of that funding.

At this time, we ask for your prayers. Pray for our students and faculty. Pray for the success of the Let’s Grow Together campaign, and pray for our KML Foundation that it continually provides valuable assistance to families who wish to send their teenagers to a school that keeps Christ as the center of all we do.

Contact me ( to learn more about various ways in which you can support the Foundation and help more families realize a KML experience is possible for them.

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