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Love Vacation – Hate the Planning

July 2019

Summer is a time for family vacations. What a great experience and wonderful opportunity to create memories! For some people, however, planning for the vacation is less exciting. Creating an itinerary, making reservations, handling travel arrangements, packing clothes and other necessities, and more is far less exhilarating.

I’ve found that estate planning can be similar to planning a trip. It takes time, attention to detail, and making decisions. Although the comfort and satisfaction of completing an estate plan is rewarding in the end, the process can hold people back from reaching their goal.

My job is to help you through the experience, make it as easy and free of stress as possible, and help you reach that point of accomplishment. I can remove much of the anxiety and uncertainty and get you to the finish line with the knowledge that you did something special.

I suppose it is a stretch to compare a special vacation with creating an estate plan. Yet, just as good vacation planning makes the trip more enjoyable and positive, so good estate planning provides meaningful communication for your family and reduces stress, time and money for your loved ones.

So, enjoy your summer vacation (and even “enjoy” the planning), and when you return from a great trip, contact me to help you with your next plan.

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