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Marketing the KML Foundation

For many years, the KML Foundation board has been concerned that the Foundation is not known by many in our KML family. There is great work being done, but too few know about it! So a number of years ago, the board members decided to focus more heavily on marketing and try to expand the reach and impact of the Foundation.

Some of the early efforts were moderately successful, but since the hiring of Crystal Perez in 2018, the overall marketing efforts expanded dramatically. Crystal is directly responsible for our monthly vlogs, podcasts, and the Foundation website. She designs and produces our publications, she creates videos that are informative and entertaining, and is actively coordinating our various KML events.

It is easy for me to encourage people to watch a vlog, read an article or go to our website for more information, but that is only possible because we have an organized marketing plan that makes that all possible.

Here are just a few of the highlights that are exciting to share:

  • More than $2.7 million invested in the Foundation’s endowment funds

  • 19 Named Endowed Funds that support KML student assistance and college scholarships

  • 122 members in our KML Heritage Society

  • More than $2 million received through estate gifts since January 2022

  • Increasing amount of Qualified Charitable Distributions donated each year to KML

  • Growing number of viewers and listeners to our Table Talk vlogs and podcasts

The Foundation might not be overly familiar to our KML family, but I believe more people are becoming aware of the important work that is being done. Ultimately, we look for more people to consider the KML Foundation as a beneficiary in their estate plan and make a lasting impact on future generations of KML Chargers.

For more information, check out the Foundation website at or contact me ( for more information.

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