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Planned Giving – Should I Be Scared or Thankful

We are between the holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. During one holiday we get scared, and during the other we express thanks. Oddly, when people think about planned giving, they also deal with both of those emotions.

Before a person can complete their estate plan, they need to consider some realities that might cause fear:

Will I have enough money to last my lifetime?

How much should I leave as an inheritance for my loved ones?

Who should I choose to take care of my affairs?

Should I include a charitable gift in my estate plan?

If I make an estate plan, will I increase the chances of something bad happening in my life?

The truth is that you need to address your concerns, because an estate plan is a valuable tool that will lead you to be thankful when you are done. Don’t let the process scare you! I can help you through the steps in a way that relieves the stress. Let me help you get your plan completed, You will be thankful for the benefits that you and your family will enjoy.

Contact me to start working through the process. My job is to answer questions and provide resources that will help you make decisions that reflect your thankfulness without causing fear.

You can reach me at 262-677-4051x1116 or

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