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Ready. Set. Plan!

Fall is a time to start new things. Children start a new school year and maybe enter a new school. Families return to routines after their summer break. Churches and other organizations start new programs. This could also be the right time to start on your estate plan.

The value of an estate plan is greater than most people understand. Do you want the government and/or courts to make your most important decisions, or do you believe you are better at making those decisions for yourself? Do you know the excessive costs, time and frustration for loved ones if you have not communicated through a current estate plan?

My intent is not to simply scare you into action, but rather give you valuable information to help you make good decisions that reflect your personal wishes. With my help, you can work through the process with greater comfort and ease, and complete your plan quickly and efficiently.

Contact me ( to set up an appointment. Stop procrastinating – it’s time to start.

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