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The Dawning of a New Era

In 2011, Paul Snamiska came to KML as the first Estate Planning Counselor for the KML Federation. During these past thirteen years, KML and the KML Foundation have been blessed with many deferred and estate gifts that greatly enhanced the ministry.

It is now time for Dylan Rusch to assume this role and continue the work of a Gift Planning Counselor.

Dylan is uniquely qualified for this position. His parents, two of KML’s first students, graduated in 1980 and have been heavily involved over the years in serving, supporting, coaching and cheering for our KML Chargers. They also sent their four children, including Dylan, to KML.

Dylan graduated in 2011, went off to college at Madison Edgewood and started his career. During the years since graduation, he maintained a strong connection to KML, and is now excited to serve in this new role. 

Our KML Federation is very blessed to have such a talented servant who is passionate about our school and Foundation. Keep him in your prayers as he begins his new role and work together as we continue glorifying God with all we do.

We encourage you to welcome Dylan in his new role. Greet him when you have the opportunity, welcome him when he asks to meet with you, and trust him as he continues to work of seeking deferred and alumni gifts that will support the current and future sustainability of KML.

Dylan Rusch is excited to meet with you!

You can email Dylan at or by calling 262-677-4051 x4093

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