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The Foundation's Impact on KML

Updated: May 13, 2022

The KML Foundation exists to support student assistance for families who need a little help with the cost of a KML tuition. Over the years, KML has grown quite dramatically. There are many reasons for this growth including:

  • A curriculum based on the absolute truth of God’s Word

  • A genuine caring attitude within our KML family of students and teachers

  • A commitment to our students to give them a Christ-guided success path

  • A safe environment in which students can focus on learning rather than other distractions and fears

There is clear evidence that the KML approach is resonating throughout the area. Many new students express their desire for a school that isn’t afraid to teach the Bible and encourage Christian living. This is particularly applicable during this time of Easter when we celebrate the salvation won for us through our Savior Jesus Christ. In response to that freedom of redemption, we also strive to live for Christ in all we do.

We thank all the people who support the KML Foundation with their prayers and financial gifts. For those who wish to make a contribution, contact me at I’ll be happy to discuss the various ways that you too can make an impact on the lives of our current and future KML students.

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