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The Impact of the KML Foundation Featuring Superintendent David Bartelt

Our Table Talk blogs and vlogs are sponsored by the KML Foundation. These informative episodes are designed to help people make decisions that benefit them as they look to the future.

In some cases, people choose to name the KML Foundation with a current or estate gift. Those are wonderful ways to support the future sustainability of KML.

So, how exactly does the KML Foundation provide that support?

The KML Foundation is a separate entity with its own tax-exempt status. Its sole purpose is to support KML. The Foundation receives current gifts as well as deferred gifts through estate plans, and invests those donations. Then once a year, the Foundation determines the amount of distribution for the year, and directs that money to KML for student assistance and other projects or programs that are consistent with the Foundation’s philosophy.

One advantage for donors is that the Foundation is able to receive a variety of different types of gifts. Whether the gift is a bequest from a will, a beneficiary designation, a Donor Advised Fund, or other asset, the Foundation will invest that gift, seek conservative growth, and provide perpetual support to KML.

The future for the KML Foundation is exciting. The Foundation currently manages $2.3 million and recently distributed more than $90,000 to the school. The Foundation board has a goal to reach $5 million in assets, at which time they can look at some new and innovative projects that can be funded. With the current level of support, the wonderful estate gifts received, and the investment growth, our goal of $5 million is a real possibility in the coming years.

We offer this information because it’s your life – it’s your plan – it’s your legacy.

Contact me to learn more about the KML Foundation and how you can also support KML through an estate gift. You can reach me at or 262-677-4051.

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