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Director of Admissions, Jerry Zeamer, talks about the investment of a KML Education in this month’s episode. Jerry talks about the challenges some families have with affording the cost of sending their child to KML and shares some personal stories from families who are so grateful they found a way to send their child to Kettle Moraine Lutheran.


And luckily, there are a number of ways to receive tuition assistance for families that need it. There is the Choice Program which allows families subsidized tuition based on income levels. And we also have the KML Foundation. The KML Foundation is the largest source of student assistance funding and the impact is growing every year. The KML Foundation’s growth is the result of gracious contributions from donors that want future Chargers to hear the Word of God every single day.


As of now, donors can support student assistance in two different ways. Each year we receive current gifts that are used to help support our current students. We also receive donations to the KML Foundation which invests those gifts in an endowment fund. Then, each year, the Foundation awards 5% of the assets to our student assistance needs. With the amazing growth in the fund, the KML Foundation is now the largest source of student assistance.

It is also important to mention that the families who receive student assistance are not treated any differently than the other students. In fact, our faculty and staff don’t even know which students receive assistance. This policy helps us maintain dignity and privacy for our families.

As Jerry mentions, there is still more we can do to fully meet the financial assistance needs of our growing student population. If you would like to make a current or deferred gift for student assistance, contact Dylan Rusch at He would love to sit down with you to discuss how you can support KML’s ministry both now and for generations to come!

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